Tactical Two Pagers

I hate having to thumb through a rulebook during play. That's why I write the Tactical Two Pager series - the whole game fits on two sides of easy-to-print A4 paper. There's no need for a QRS, because the game is the Quick Reference Sheet!

Unless stated otherwise, all games are written for models between 15mm and 28mm in size. If you are playing with smaller models, simply halve the ranges - with 42mm+, I recommend doubling them.

The most popular of the TTP series, Some Corner of a Foreign Field is a modern squad combat game for 4-15 models a side. It has won all-time Silver Best-seller status on Wargame Vault for being in the top 1.53% of best-selling games.

It uses just one d20 and a series of easily memorisable tables to recreate the tension of the "empty battlefield" to realistic and lethal effect.

An intuitive spotting mechanic encourages players to use cover properly and think like a real-life soldier.

Catering for a variety of weapons and support options, and proving that quality is more important than quantity, Some Corner of a Foreign Field is great not just for the ultra-modern games it was written for, but short-range firefights all the way back to WWII.

The game is still being updated with "Squad Lists" for various conflicts from the last 70 years, and any small special rules necessary to encapsulate them properly.

Victory With Honour is a retinue-based skirmish game for the ancient and medieval eras. It is not just about winning, but winning the right way - the glorious way!

Taking the part of Roman centurions, Celtic chieftains, European knights, Arabian faris, Japanese samurai or almost any other warrior caste, players must choose between fighting tactically and fighting gloriously.

Most of the effects of armour, equipment &c have been incorporated into the easy-to-use "Combat Chart", resulting in a game which can be memorised in just a few turns and finished in an hour or so. That leaves plenty of time over the course of the evening to run a campaign!

Almost as popular as Some Corner of a Foreign Field, Midst Battle's Din is a game of black powder skirmish for the era of the long musket - 1745 to 1856.

It uses an innovative 2d6 system to resolve shooting and combat attacks, speeding up the game and leaving more time for the difficult tactical decisions thrown up by its Initiative Point command system.

The "Panic" system produces believable morale results with no book-keeping and integrates personal and force morale in a quick and easy way.

Recreate the French & Indian Wars, AWI, the Sikh Wars, the birth of the Wild West, Sharpe's Adventures, the Alamo, the Crimean War and more with your own cast of heroes and masses of minions. Though not designed to cover the period explicitly, the game also works for popular later conflicts like the ACW, Prussian Wars and the colonial wars of the European empires.

Wargames Illustrated's "Rulesmeister Mike" said: "It is easy to learn, has a good period feel and, for a compact set of rules, gives the players a satisfying range of challenges and decisions."

Little Lead Wars is a simple, old-fashioned game for use with traditional toy soldiers of 40-60mm. It could be considered a "toygame" as much as a wargame in its slightly abstract approach to warfare. A match-less (pardon the pun) successor to the spirit of HG Well's Little Wars and Dowdall & Gleason's Sham Battle, Little Lead Wars brings fun for all the family, from eight to eighty and beyond.

Included are all the usual rules for differentiating infantry, cavalry, artillery and their use on the battlefield, as well as a page of extra optional rules for slightly more complex play.

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