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I have been playing RPGs for fifteen years, and have been GM-ing for seven. Over time, I have created several systems to use at Morningstar Towers thanks to my unstoppable need to tinker, and now some of them have reached a stage where they can be published for other people to enjoy as well.

The links below lead to RPGNow - but remember that these products are also available on its sister site DriveThruRPG.

The Q•RPG system is a simple one based on rolling  a pool of d6s and looking for successes. Currently, it is primarily available as a series of two-sided "game in a can" products, each tailored to a different genre. If you are interested in playtesting (or simply reading) the full version of the rules, due for publication early next year, please contact me at infoatmorningstar AT gmail DOT com. It is a fun, fast game that assumes player characters will survive to be heroes - but doesn't protect them from their own stupidity. Those playing to their in-character strengths will succeed, but those who don't will have a much harder time of it.

Wormwood, A Game of Angels is very much an indie game. It uses no dice and requires no GM - each player takes that role in turn for a scene at a time.

The Apocalypse is nigh, and the players take the role of angels preparing for the final days in the service of heaven or hell. In fact, it is absolutely possible to "split the party" and have angels from both sides around the table thanks to the way scenes are set up.

In each "Chapter" of the story, one player is the GM, a second the angelic protagonist of the scene, and everyone else gets a chance to flex their roleplaying muscles as one or more of the NPCs who are present. It is very much a collaborative game, and has been enjoyed by novice and experienced gamers alike.

Using the Seven Deadly Sins & the Seven Heavenly Virtues as "attributes", the game forces players to consider the personal consequences of their actions - if they become too evil they will Fall a second time, hunted by angels of every persuasion to avoid their contagion spreading. Evil is easy to use, but its seductive power masks the true fate of those who turn their hands to ill deeds...

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